Mark Bunn – ‘Combining the Best of East & West’


Headshot_Full_2016_MBunnI’ve always been interested in people’s health and happiness.

During 6 ‘inglorious’ years as a professional footballer (AFL) – many say the highlight was when it ended! – I completed an Honours Degree in Western health science. However, despite my supposedly expert qualifications, I was as confused as most people are today .

Then my life changed forever. While volunteering for an aid group in SE Asia I witnessed people who were as poor as poor & had never heard of good fats, bad fats or optimal heart rates…being extraordinarily ….. HAPPY!

Back home everyone was drowning in health advice yet stressed, depressed, sleepless, overweight and under-fulfilled.

I researched into Eastern medicine, the healthiest, longest-living people & formally studied Ayurveda/Ayurvedic medicine. I discovered the real secrets to a healthy, meaningful work-life were far simpler than we’re told & wrote ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ about these forgotten wisdoms.

Personally, I had my wife pass away from stress-related breast cancer. This pain gave me greater empathy for others & motivated me even more to try to help people stay healthy. I studied how successful business people who still enjoy work-life balance do it. I also studied the latest science on mind-body medicine & positive psychology, and became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM). I love teaching people TM when I get the chance or at least talking to them about how it can help improve one’s quality of life.

I learnt TM at 19 (when I had some hair!), and still believe/think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done (besides not barracking for Collingwood!).

In summary, I’m about health, happiness and higher consciousness. Developing consciousness promotes happiness, and being happier leads to better health, productivity & performance. When speaking at conferences, this is what I focus on now.

‘Happy Conscious People = Healthy Happy Bottom-Line Results.’

Anyway, that’s me. I’d love to connect. If you’d like more on me speaking at your event, on meditation/TM, the first 2 chapters of my book, or anything else, message me anytime.