Surely it should be simpler?

That was the thought that possessed Mark after completing an honours degree in exercise physiology, a demanding course of studies deeply entrenched in western health science. As a professional AFL player, Mark's already-deep understanding of exercise and nutrition was rooted in high-performance health science - and he'd even brought Transcendental Meditation into the locker-room as a 19 year old sportsperson looking for something... better.

But the years of training and study hadn't provided the holistic answers he was looking for. A volunteer trip to South East Asia for an aid organisation changed all that.

Mark witnessed masses of the incredibly poor who were, unaccountably, happy.

"…everyone is still raving about it!"

Kristy Harder – Strategic Brand Manager – DuPont
They didn't worry about good fats, bad fats, cholesterol levels or cross-fit programs. Their levels of health and happiness were off the charts compared to our sophisticated western society.

So began Mark's research into Eastern medicine. After years of studying the world's healthiest, longest living people and formal training in Ayurvedic medicine, Mark wrote ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ about the simple, forgotten wisdoms that form the secret to a happy, healthy life at home and at work.

Mark's continued research has led him to study those business successes who also manage happy work-life balance, a topic particularly close to his heart after losing his wife to stress-related breast cancer. This personal tragedy deepened his empathy for those suffering from health issues that could be prevented and motivated him to continue his studies into the latest science on mind-body medicine & positive psychology.

Throughout history we have always had people invested in health, and their collective ancient understanding still holds tremendous value to peoples throughout the world. The combination of modern and ancient systems of health provide a balanced approach that simplifies the prevailing confusion in our lives.

By helping to create systems where people focus on reducing stress and increasing happiness we consciously work towards a more healthy, productive life (and workforce!).

For businesses, it's a no-brainer! A motivated, happy team has fewer sick days and better results.

Consciousness is key - by actively developing and raising our awareness, we naturally promote the happiness that is a large component in a healthy life.