Yoga in Your Own Home!

Livestream Classes Now Available with International Teacher Annie Ellis-West,RYT

* Complimentary First class

  • Like to learn and practice yoga from the comfort of your own home?
  • Like live (not pre-recorded) classes with real-time instruction & alignment assistance?
  • Like to have an internationally-trained, friendly teacher now based in Australia?

* No experience required. Classes suitable for all ages, levels, women & men.

Key benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Strength
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • Weight loss

What Others Think:

About your teacher – Annie Ellis-West 

About your teacher – Annie Ellis-West

Annie brings 15+ years of devoted yoga practice, 7+ years of yoga teaching experience and more than 450 hours of formal training to her classes. (200 hours with the internationally renowned Todd Norian in Massachusetts, USA.)

Annie teaches Hatha (breath with movement) Yoga inspired by the alignment principles and philosophy of Ashaya Yoga. She focuses on safe, vigorous, flowing sequences of postures and includes breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness techniques.

* A key aspect of her online classes is that they are suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners. Importantly, Annie does not do the postures and expects you to follow. She watches each participant, guiding and giving individual instruction on every posture.

"What I love about yoga is its power to change our perspective, to open our hearts, to allow us to connect more deeply and authentically to each other and to our own innate beauty and goodness. I teach yoga because I want to help people come to know the magic of yoga… not just for the incredible physical and mental benefits but to experience bliss in their lives and to know the workings of their own hearts. I would love to welcome you to a no obligation, complimentary class." Annie.

Class Times (All via Zoom)

Classes are currently only available as 'private one-to-one' sessions. (Time by appointment.)


$75 per class

* Discounted passes available after the first session.

* Live & In-home Classes 

Live yoga classes in your home with a group of friends or family. If you have a time of day that works best for you (when little children are napping) and want to get a group of mums together; Annie can come to your house and teach a class. If you have family nearby and want to practice yoga together, Annie can teach at one of your houses.

Annie is experienced at teaching seated yoga for older bodies. If you live in a community where you would like to have seated yoga, Annie would be happy to come and teach in your community or your area.

More Information

For more information or to ask a question, simply Email Annie at


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