Morning Cleansing Drink – what a relief!

Morning Cleansing Drink – what a relief!

Sunday, 29 May 2011 12:40

Early morning, around 6am (no argghhh’s!!!), is our natural bodily cycle for most effective ELIMINATION. By taking the cleansing drink at this time is the best way to optimise this natural process. Remember, one of the keys to great energy & vitality, is proper elimination of waste products.

If you take a while to get going in the morning, ‘things’ are a bit slow to move or you just want to keep your insides clean & be a bit more ‘sparky, take the following, first thing each morning.

Lazy / Time-Challenged Person’s ‘Morning Cleansing’ Drink.

1 Glass of BOILED WATER (preferably boiled for 5+ minutes)
10-20 drops of FRESH LEMON JUICE
2 pinch TURMERIC
2 teaspoons of ALOE VERA JUICE

* Important Notes

1. Make sure you drink it warm/hot.
2. Do not think of me when tasting this drink. It’s for effect, not for pleasure.
3. Females: if menstruating, leave out the Aloe Vera.
4. HONEY: Despite popular convention (even natural remedies), NEVER EVER add honey to ‘hot’ water – it actually changes it structurally, making it indigestible/toxic – basically very harmful. If you want to sweeten the drink with honey, simply wait until the water is more ‘warm’ (comfortable to have in your mouth) than ‘hot’.

Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn – is a leading natural health researcher specialising in Ayurvedic medicine, author of the three-time best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘ and one of Australasia's most popular health and performance speakers.  Mark is also CEO of David Lynch Foundation Australia.