I am writing in response to a scientific study that you may have read about. Media outlets everywhere have been trumpeting the finding that fruits and vegetables give no protective effect or in any way reduce cancer!!! Interesting, to say the least. I hear that many nutritionists and dietitians are still trying to pick themselves up from the floor! My intention here, is not to discount or lightly dismiss such a study. In fact, the finding does not surprise me in the least…now don’t fall off your own chair! It’s not that I don’t think fruit and vegetables (assuming they are fresh and still contain a high level of the natural intelligence they are born with), contribute substantially to cancer protection, but the fact due to the nature of modern scientific research, in any isolated individual study, it can produce almost any result. Unfortunately, none of the media outlets I heard from, even bothered to mention what the actual research design or method of results analysis etc was. So, we are none the wiser, whether it was good science or not. Even assuming that it was a well conducted study, have you ever heard the media proclaim that something is good because of ABC, then 6 months later say that the exact same thing is dangerous because of XYZ? Red wine, chocolate, dairy etc are all evil one year and promoted as ‘angels from heaven’ the next after a single study or research finding. Artificial sweeteners, Soy products, cholesterol lowering spreads are hailed as ‘food of the Gods’ one minute and then attacked from pillar to post the next!!!

I went to school in the 60’s and 70’s, I went to an all girls school with 600 students. For tuck shop we had meat pies, vanilla slices, chocolate & eclairs and on the way home from school we’d stop at the local fish and chip shop and order 20 cents worth of chips and smother them in salt and vinegar. There was one fat girl in the whole school. I remember her name and her face because she was an oddity.

I don’t remember anyone with diabetes, one girl in the school got a brain tumour and there was no one that had a peanut or nut allergy. Not one of my friends had a sibling or cousin, for that matter with Autism, Asperges or ADD. Everyone drank 250ml. of milk everyday at morning tea and there wasn’t a wheat or dairy allergy to hear about.

My Mum was the best cook in town I had three good meals a day with snacks and always dessert. My lunch when I didn’t have tuck shop, was a sandwich, homemade cake or biscuit and piece of fruit. I got through my child hood and teenage years without an antibiotic, pain killer or Bonjello, despite getting all my teeth and breaking four bones.

Wow! Did that really happen; just 30 years ago life seemed very different to what it is now. What happened?

Hi everyone

Welcome to the New Year. Hope it’s going to be an extremely exciting and healthy one for you.

I have just recently been in touch with one of the most inspirational and dynamic people I’ve ever come across in the field of natural wisdom. Her name is Mia Dalby-Ball.

Mia writes, promotes and inspires people all throughout the world about the ancient wisdoms of living in tune with Mother Earth and Mother Nature as a whole. As such, it gives me great pleasure to mention her websites and blog pages here for your benefit.

Note; The bottom two links are in the process of being updated but the first link has some fantastic knowledge links. (I suggest going to the right hand side of the page & under

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is I have a wedding anniversary coming up soon!!!

The bad news is, I am now being told what to write in these tips. My beautiful wife Karen (grovel grovel), has ‘instructed’ me that I must tell you all about the tremendous health benefits of being married (there’s
a catch).

I agreed, on the condition that I could include lots of marriage jokes.
* They are at the bottom!!!

Anyway, the tip, is that being married is good for your health. Well sort of.

With the warmer weather coming bad body odour can be a bit of a problem. This week I thought we’d have a look at some simple ways to reduce this problem.

The cause:

If you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, if you squeeze a lemon, lemon juice comes out. Simply put, any smell (pleasant or otherwise) that comes out of your body, is based on what’s inside.

Bad body odour is fundamentally a problem of poor digestion and ‘ama’ (improperly digested food). Restoring proper digestion and eating ‘fresh’ wholesome food, is the basic causal treatment.

For those familiar with Ayurveda, excess ‘pitta’ dosha is also often involved, so reducing pitta aggravating things (sour foods, fermented things, excess chilli/tomato etc, impure substances/alcohol etc) can help.

Tips for Helping with Body Odour:

  • Use antibacterial soap or deodorant soap while bathing.
  • Keep well hydrated / drink plenty of water – flush out toxins etc * Have you noticed the different smell when your urine is bright yellow as opposed to clear???
  • Wear natural fibres that allow your body to breathe properly – cotton etc
  • Avoid/Reduce refined/processed foods, old, leftover or tinned food, mushrooms, garlic, ‘excess’ strong spices if not used to them (pepper, mustard seeds, turmeric etc).
  • Eat healthy food generally and consider a light cleansing diet for 2-3 days (soups, dahls, whole grains, fresh juices/fruit and green leafy veggies etc). * Include a small/moderate amount of turmeric in your diet each day.
  • Keep a bottle of rose water spray with you (glove box, hand bag etc) & spray yourself regularly.


Avoid regular use of chemical anti-perspirants.

On Jan 21, 2013 Wayne wrote:

Hi Mark,

Your book, “Ancient Wisdom…” makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

Over the last couple of years, my lifelong fascination with the human brain and what I like to call our “spiritual wiring” has intensified, along with my curiosity about things like DMT, and how our mind and body is obviously “wired” for such transcendant experiences.

But, I digress..

My question is about legal high “spice blends” or, essentially, JWH-018. This stuff is apparently herbal, yet available in a tobacconist. Pretty much all I can find is people freaking out about how dangerous this stuff is rather than any actual factual information.

Wikipedia sits well and truly on the fence on the matter, and in my view I cant trust information from a government that allows me to buy sticks of chemical-laced tobacco while taxing the product heavily. AND treating me to heinous images of disease and death as a result of the product they are allowing me to buy! Whilst taxing it heavily!

Again I digress..

I am by no means an altar boy, nor do I have a 100% natural only policy for my body, ie I am human and I have a few vices. What I do know is that our “nanny state”? government (pleeease) does NOT always have our best interests at heart. Do you remember being asked if you want flouride in your water? In short I’m clued up enough to know that LEGAL does NOT mean safe…

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


ps Im sure I come across as a whack job, but I am sane. Somewhat!

MARK’S Reply:

On Jan 2 2013, I received the following email from one of my newsletter subscribers, Christina wrote:

Hi Mark.

Just wondering…. What’s your opinion on Melanotan 2??

My reply appears below but firstly here is a little bit of information of what Melanotan II is (from Wikipedia):

An interesting article just came out in the Good Weekend magazine of the Age newspaper written by Mark Whittaker. Basically it outlines how there some new research and scientific studies showing that having low salt intakes are far worse than high intakes, even when it comes to things like heart disease, stroke and diabetes (things we’re commonly told to reduce salt intake to try and minimise the risks of).

Along with many other natural health practitioners, for years I’ve been saying that salt, when in its natural, unprocessed form is actually critical for optimal health and that many people actually need to be consuming more ‘good’ salt. See my blog on ‘healthy salt’ at and which I discussed in details in my book – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Many modern experts disregard this new research as inaccurate (and I’m not saying it’s accurate either). To me, as is often the case, the key factor has been completely overlooked. The first consideration in the salt debate is not whether one’s intake is low or high, but whether we’re consuming ‘real’ salt or the crappy, health-damaging, commercial salt that all the studies assess.

Interestingly, what Whittaker’s article also makes clear, is how powerful the vested interests are in the medical and scientific community. Even the researchers who themselves do studies that find that those on low salt diets have worse health do not always speak out about their findings for fear of ‘going against the norm’.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this topic, I’ve pasted in the full article after the break.

Are you confused/overwhelmed with the multitude of advertisements for supplements these days???

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, shark cartilage, glucosamine, ancient traditional native american hair of a pygmie crossed with goats intestinal flora super aphrodisiac for 25 day erections etc etc? I think you get the drift!!!

What to do? Are they for real? Should you take them? Do you really need them?

We are purposely not going to go into every supplement separately here (we’d be here till Christmas!!!). But let’s just look at a few basics to hopefully simplify things and help you get on with enjoying life…and maybe save you some cash.

Remember when you were a little kid, and hours would go by without you even knowing? How did that happen?

You were ‘PLAYING’. Whatever it was for you – cars, trucks, Barbie, doctors & nurses, rubbing the inside of your mates undies with ‘tiger balm’ (ouch!) etc etc, you certainly weren’t worrying about work, money or anything else we worry about as adults.

Christmas is the time for reunions, catching up with families, old friends, etc. It’s good because it shows why a few ‘drinks with the boys’ or ‘gossip (er I mean meaningful discussion’) with the girls’ is actually a great boon for your health & well-being.

Check out these fascinating facts.

If you haven’t made the switch already, I want to remind you, that’s it’s the ideal time to switch from drinking cold/room temperature water, to our good old warm/hot water.

While we always hear that 20-30 minutes of ‘continuous’ exercise, is needed for exercise (aerobic) benefits, don’t think shorter portions are a waste of time. They are still highly beneficial.

As it’s not always possible to get an hour or two to get to the gym/play a team sport etc, we look at a few tips to get more activity into your everyday life. Like the old chestnut of taking the stairs instead of the lift, there are plenty of ways to be a little more active. Pick 1-2 and make it part of your daily/weekly routine.

About three months ago I bought myself a standing desk. What’s a standing desk you might ask? It’s an electronically controlled desk, that is height adjustable. You can put it down low to work sitting down, or you can raise it up so that you can stand upright while working.

Why would you want to do this? Because it’s been shown to be one of the best things you can do for your health (and productivity). Research suggests that office workers who spend most of their day sitting down have significantly poorer health, including problems with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and musculoskeletal injuries due to poor posture/ergonomics.

 Did you hear about the study showing a low-fat diet in later life and following such a regimen for nearly a decade DOES NOT have a significant impact on reducing the overall risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer or heart disease?

This is according to a Women’s Health Initiative study that involved nearly 50,000 postmenopausal women across the U.S.A.

Note: This study doesn’t mean a lower fat diet is not helpful, just that it wasn’t shown to be ‘significantly’ helpful.

Now high or low fat diets is not my point here. For interest sake, a low to moderate fat intake is generally best for most people. In reality though, different people (body types if you like), should have different intakes of fat.

* It’s actually very healthy for certain people (like me!), to have relatively high fat intakes (yes, send expletives and profanities my way now…I’m off for an ice-cream, hmmmm!.

 Solariums / Sun Beds: Rather than a danger could they actually ‘improve’ your health or even ‘save’ your life?

How the UV & Vitamin D benefits of sun beds can outweigh the dangers & why they should ‘NOT’ be banned

Based on both common sense, ancient wisdom and the latest modern science, the ‘intelligent’ use of ‘properly designed’ solariums or sunbeds may NOT only be entirely safe, but could potentially avoid many thousands of cases of serious illness and even deaths throughout the world each year. This might even apply to you or someone close to you. It applies most particularly during the winter months, where vitamin D producing sunshine is rare, or where individuals cannot access sufficient natural UVB radiation.

Big in the media at present (being ‘cold & sore throat’ season), is the virtues of adding honey to hot drinks. I think Boost Juice, even have a lemon; honey ‘hottie’…which I assume is a hot tea.

Do you ever do that?

Honey is certainly in many respects an extremely powerful medicine – antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral etc. It can be great for colds*, clearing sinuses/congestion etc etc. However, you should ‘NEVER ADD HONEY TO ‘BOILING WATER’.!!!

What does Oprah Winfrey drink every afternoon instead of the coffee?

No, it’s not red wine, a milkshake or a crown lager. It’s…….Green tea.

So what’s the go with this whole green tea thing lately?

Let’s have a look.

Beating the ‘Busyness’ of Business

How to do 20% more, in 20% less time, with 20% less stress …

Transform your business success and enjoy better work-life balance - based on the time management and productivity strategies of the world’s most successful, high performance business people who have enjoyed both incredible work and life success as well as good health.

Email received on October 1 2012.

Hi – a friend sent me the following email and I wondered if it was true!

Many professionals in restaurants and eateries are using or consuming the entire lemon and nothing is wasted.

How can you use the whole lemon without waste?