Podcast Guest Info

Podcast Guest Info

Friday, 22 November 2019 18:04

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health and Higher Consciousness - Podcast with Mark Bunn  

Guest Information  

Dear Guest, firstly, thanks so much for offering to be on the podcast.
I am very selective about who I have on the show so it's a great thrill and honor to have you agree to be involved.
Below is a bit background of the show if it helps.

Show Overview

- An enlightening yet practical insight into the timeless (forgotten) ancient wisdoms of health, happiness and higher consciousness.

- Based primarily on Ayurveda/Ayurvedic Medicine (Maharishi Ayurveda) and the time-tested Eastern, 
traditional and indigenous medicine traditions ... we also back things up with the latest Western health-science.

- Focuses on the ‘higher levels’ of health and wellness, the new spirituality and consciousness coming to the planet and the Vedic wisdom of  ‘higher states of human consciousness’ and how we can access and live them.  

- Many episodes are based on Mark’s three-time best-selling book ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ and its next instalment (Book Two).
Previous Episodes (Hyperlink this text to the iTunes like the page that has a list of all my previous shows)
Very health-conscious with a strong emphasis on those interested in natural/alternative health, spirituality and the new consciousness. 
Strong female audience (35-65+) but an increasing number of health-conscious men... particularly those in business. 
To educate and inspire people to embrace the higher wisdoms of health and happiness and to help bring 
in the shift to a higher level of consciousness and awareness for the planet. 
Interview Format 
It's generally pretty 'go with the flow' but will usually start with a question or two about your 
background and how you got to be doing what you're doing. 
Then we will dig in to unpacking the key wisdoms of your topic and finishing up with your top few tips, 
life lessons or key takeaways for listeners.
Promoting You/Your Work 
I'm very happy to promote you in your work however I can, so feel free to send details about anything 
you want promoted in advance (books, your own podcast, website, etc.). I will give you the opportunity 
at the end of podcast for you to tell listeners how they can find you and your products.
The show will be recorded on Zoom. We will email you the specific details but if you do not have 
Zoom please download in advance. Details below.
* Please try to arrange in advance to be in a quiet place and on a computer with a headset microphone rather than a phone where possible/practical.
Personal Meeting ID = 808-888-1008
2. Click Download & then 'Run Zoom' 
3. Click on the file that has been downloaded to install Zoom
Once you have done this, you just click on this link - again at the time of our call
Any questions
If you have any questions or suggestions for topics or angles for your episode send them through any time. 
Thanks so much and really looking forward to chatting with you on the show.
To your health & happiness. 
Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn – is a leading natural health researcher specialising in Ayurvedic medicine, author of the three-time best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘ and one of Australasia's most popular health and performance speakers