Spring Cleaning … for your Insides

Spring Cleaning … for your Insides

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 20:54

Just as we spring clean our house, the ancient traditions of health advise that we should also spring clean our insides. While in my ‘Year-round health & well-being program’, we go through a number of suggestions to do this, one great (but easy) little tip to help you ‘internally’ spring clean your body is to take the following drink first thing each morning (you can do it right through summer).

1 Glass of WARM WATER (preferably boiled first and then cooled)
10-20 drops of FRESH LEMON JUICE
2-4 teaspoons of ‘good quality’ ALOE VERA JUICE
2 pinch TURMERIC (the little orange ‘wonder’ spice)

* Notes

1. Drink it warm/hot.

2. Do not think of me when tasting this drink. It’s for effect, not for pleasure.

3. Females: if menstruating, leave out the Aloe Vera.

Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn – is a leading natural health researcher specialising in Ayurvedic medicine, author of the three-time best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘ and one of Australasia's most popular health and performance speakers.  Mark is also CEO of David Lynch Foundation Australia.