Warmer Foods in Cold Winter – Obvious you say!

Warmer Foods in Cold Winter – Obvious you say!

Thursday, 04 July 2013 16:30

You probably think this tip is so plainly obvious it is ridiculous to even mention it.

Basically, as we move into the colder months, the tip is that you should eat ‘warmer’ foods.

While we often try to make staying healthy complicated and confusing, staying in balance is often easier than we think.

Nature works on opposites. When the weather is colder…eat warmer foods, to balance your body.

Sounds simple but you would be amazed how often people don’t follow this ‘intuitively’ common sense practice. Because we can get ‘brainwashed’ into thinking certain foods are healthier because of less fat, more vitamins etc, we can forget that the ‘quality’ of the food we eat (whether it warms, cools, dries etc) is also highly important.

The big one in winter is cold, raw salads. These might feel good in summer,
but are not advised on a too regular basis for most people in winter. See related blog – Cold Salads in Winter – Not Ideal!

So this winter, favour more hot, cooked, nourishing meals…rather than cold, raw salads etc. If you still like salads etc, try toasting the sandwiches, adding some warming pickles etc.

You will generally feel better and feel the cold less. Remember, ‘warm food = warm body’. Cold foods = more likely to get ‘colds’ etc.

Laugh of The Week: Speaking of Winter:

The Indians asked their Chief in autumn if the winter was going to be cold or not. Not really knowing an answer, the chief replies that the winter was going to be cold and that the members of the village were to collect wood to be prepared.

Being a good leader, he then went to the next phone booth and called the National Weather Service and asked, “Is this winter going to be cold?”

The man on the phone responded, “This winter is going to be quite cold indeed.”

So the Chief went back to speed up his people to collect even more wood to be prepared. A week later he called the National Weather Service again, “Is it going to be a very cold winter?”

“Yes”, the man replied, “it’s going to be a very cold winter.”

So the Chief goes back to his people and orders them to go and find every scrap of wood they can find. Two weeks later he calls the National Weather Service again: “Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?”

“Absolutely,” the man replies, “the Indians are collecting wood like crazy!”

Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn – is a leading natural health researcher specialising in Ayurvedic medicine, author of the three-time best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘ and one of Australasia's most popular health and performance speakers.  Mark is also CEO of David Lynch Foundation Australia.