Strength in Stillness by Bob Roth

Interested in meditation or already practice it and want an easy, simple, 'non-pushy' way to inspire others (family, friends) to learn?

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Strength in Stillness by Bob Roth



Bob Roth is one of the world's most sought-after teachers of ​T​ranscendental ​M​editation (TM) – a highly effective form of meditation that goes beyond mindfulness to produce a deeper and long-lasting sense of peace.​ ​He has helped bring ​T​M to millions of people around the world – in 35 countries - including drug addicts, prisoners, those suffering PTSD, depression and domestic violence through to Captains of industry and the world's top businesspeople, athletes and performers. The likes of Hugh Jackman, Oprah, Katy Perry, Seinfeld & Stella McCartney who all practice the technique daily consider Bob their personal meditation advisor.

Praise for​ ​Strength in Stillness:

Through ​TM​ on a daily basis, I get to strip away the masks that we build – that I build for myself, small and large – to reach the feeling of my true self. ‘Oh, this is who I really am! This is how I can experience life!’ My guiding principle has become being true to myself. I used to have lots of rules… No more,” ​- ​Hugh Jackman

'Meditating helps me make better decisions. I'm more creative too' ​- ​Arianna Huffington

'Bob Roth taught me to meditate. This book will guide you to peace.' ​- Russell Brand

'I am one-thousand per cent better when I do it. Meditation Bob: He's got it!' ​- ​Oprah Winfre​y​

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, a charity whose mission is to bring meditation to those in need, Bob teaches frequently at inner-city schools, veterans' hospitals, battered women's shelters, homeless shelters and prisons.

Beautifully presented, this classic guide will teach you in simple steps how to use and benefit from ​T​ranscendental ​M​editation. Bob will also share inspiring stories from the many people whose lives have been dramatically improved by using his techniques. Like countless influencers in the worlds of business and the media, you too can access calm and peace when you need it most.


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