Health & Wellbeing Millionaire eBook

eBook version! Australia’s TOP Health and Wellbeing Experts Reveal the Secrets to a Healthy, Long & Happy Life

Health & Wellbeing Millionaire eBook

International bestseller!

Australia’s TOP Health and Wellbeing Experts Reveal the Secrets to a Healthy, Long & Happy Life

This new book featuring 16 of Australia's most highly regarded health experts uncovers the real keys to looking after our greatest wealth – our health.

With experts including Dr. Joanna Macmillan (Ch 9 and Today Show nutritionist), Dr. John Tickell (media personality), former AFL footballer (Fitzroy & Hawthorn) Mark Bunn, ex-Olympian Natalie Cook, Dr Michael Epstein and inspiring individuals like Justin Tamsett, Health & Wellbeing Millionaire is the first book of its kind.

In addition to expert advice from industry leaders, it also reveals the often difficult and challenging personal journeys many ‘experts’ had to overcome to enjoy a healthier, more balanced and positive life.

As a kid, Dr Joanna went through a ‘chubby phase’ and was more academic than sporty. Dr John has had to recently overcome having a brain tumour.

Mark Bunn went from the macho world of AFL to studying thousand year-old Eastern medicine & traditional health-care systems. Justin went from having his body ‘in a mess’ at age 34, to last year being an inaugural inductee into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour.

In this book you will discover;

  • The diet & nutrition advice that EVERY expert agrees upon
  • The often overlooked reasons why 90% of diets fail & most people still gain weight
  • What the experts say is the No.1 thing sabotaging our health & wellbeing

You will also learn;

  • The personal health secrets of Australia's top health and wellbeing experts
  • How these experts overcame their own personal health challenges
  • About specific ‘case studies’ and examples of what the experts do to help others lose weight, get their lives back on track, regain fitness, get a healthy 'life balance' and even overcome significant health conditions

Why Buy This Book?

Because it is jam-packed with immediately implementable tips and inspirational quotes from many of Australia's leading medical doctors, natural health coaches, personal trainers, relationship gurus and teachers in traditional/Eastern health-care. And the best way to be successful in any endeavour is to learn from those who have personally overcome the same challenges you might be facing right now.

As series creator and best-selling author Fiona Jones says about the book.

“We brought together 16 of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing experts to share their experiences and practical tips to help people to become ‘millionaires’ – not in terms of money, but in terms of enjoying a healthy, happy and long-life.”

This book is NOT about health experts who are millionaires, but how you can enjoy a million dollars worth of health and well-being. You not only get fascinating insights into the background of each expert, but also their top tips and secrets for enjoying exceptional health, happiness and longevity.
If you've ever wondered what the health experts who make their living out a helping others do to maximise their own health and wellbeing, including what a 'typical day' looks like for them, you will love this book.

Money Back Guarantee

As with all our products, we happily provide a 100% money back guarantee with this book.

If you are still unsure whether the book is for you, feel free to order it knowing that you can read it and return it for a full refund if it's not to your total satisfaction.