Discover how to simply and easily…

  • lose weight and enjoy a healthy weight for life
  • enjoy sound sleep and delay ageing by riding Nature’s daily cycles
  • reduce anxiety, worry and mental tension by strengthening your emotional health
  • regularly experience your natural state of inner contentment, vitality and flow
  • understand ‘food intelligence’ to make healthy eating as simple as A, B, C
  • transform your exercise from ‘no pain no gain’ into a mind, body and spirit high
  • enliven your inner spiritual source and raise your level of personal awareness
  • be truly healthy, happy and joyful more often

Mark, we’ve had your book in our stores for over 18 months now, and I’m thrilled to say that it’s been by far the best-selling book we have stocked, outselling books such as ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, and Patrick Holford’s ‘Optimum Nutrition Bible’. It’s been just phenomenal. A guy bought a book the other week and just came back and bought 30 more copies saying that he was so inspired he wanted every one of his family and friends to read it. This is not uncommon.

The book sells itself and as it’s based on timeless wisdom we expect to be selling many, many more for years to come.

Jason Gunn – Managing Director – Oliver’s Real Foods

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health is now a 3 times Best-Seller in Australia with over 17,000 copies sold, while international sales soar by the day.


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Fact: The world’s healthiest, longest living people have never heard of good fats, bad fats, low carb diets, glycaemic index, optimal heart rates, or any other ‘modern-day’ health fads.

We Westerners drown in such information, yet continue to suffer from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and stress disorders in almost epidemic numbers!

The reason 99% of current health advise and health books don’t work long term is that they are based on isolated aspects of health and are modern science which can never uncover the true secrets of what the ages understood as true health.

Combining ancient Eastern wisdom (Ayurveda), thousand-year-old spiritual teachings, natural health science secrets, and the latest modern research, this book will reconnect you to the age-old wisdoms of health, as followed by the world’s healthiest people.

These proven ‘wisdoms of life’, based on time-tested ‘natural laws’, will remind you of the simple secrets to enjoying your best health and a wonderfully happy life.



If you want to get to the core of what it takes to be really, really healthy with tons of vitality and positive energy,and achieve this naturally, then read this book from cover to cover.

Raamon Newman – Managing Partner, Mahafortuna LLC – Los Angeles USA

Straight-forward advice from science with meaningful mindfulness from the east. It’s a marriage of ideals that really works for optimal health, vitality and true work-life balance. I love this book.

Dr Joanna McMillan – Channel 9’s (Today Show) Nutritionist & Practising Dietitian

Mark Bunn, who has extensively studied ancient scriptures and teachings, reminds us of the age-old wisdom of the Ayurvedic tradition and Ayurvedic masters, for returning to a more peaceful and meaningful life. If you want to achieve a ‘happier’ as well as a ‘healthier’ life, this book will enlighten your path.

Rajendra Kher – 5 time Award-winning author – India

No nonsense, common sense information…thankfully free of fads and gimmicks…that delivers on its promise and contains excellent examples of simple, timeless wisdom for better health & happiness.

Catherine DeVrye – Former Executive Woman of the Year & Best-Selling Author – Australia