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The Healthy People Healthy Business Online Training Program:

'Healthy People Healthy Business' is an online program designed to help your busy business people maintain good personal health and keep on top of stress so that they can maintain high performance to succeed at work.

Each week, everyone receives a short (we know how super busy everyone is) email with a topical and highly practical performance, health, productivity or work-life balance tip.

Benefits of Such Workplace Education Programs Include...

• improved productivity and work performance
• less sick days/absenteeism
• increased self-motivation
• a happier workplace
• improved bottom line results

* The tips are provided by Mark Bunn, one of Australia's leading health and performance speakers. They provide simple, achievable suggestions and tools for how people can make SMALL work or life changes that provide BIG day to day benefits.

Tips Include...

  • how to make healthy eating easier - healthy breakfasts, lunches, snacks etc
  • healthy exercise - how to get more activity into your day
  • optimal hydration - advice on caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks
  • peak sleep - how to get to sleep & maximise nighttime rejuvenation
  • the latest productivity strategies - e.g. how to improve email efficiency
  • how to get better work life balance and get more time for No.1
  • office & workplace health tips
  • energy & vitality maximisers
  • simple stress busters for home & office
    *The tips focus on just one 'key thing to do' each week, so they are highly practical & user-friendly.


"What a great, common sense program. The tips are the perfect reminder for many of the simple things we can do that drastically improve our day to day health and performance. I've received benefits from some tips that have alone been worth more than a year’s subscription."

Ben Middleton - Merrill Lynch

About the Author

Mark is the author of the three time best-selling 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health' - the simple secrets of the world's healthiest people. The first in a 3 book 'Wisdoms of Health' series, 'Ancient Wisdom' is now a three-time best-seller, has been published in 7 countries, and has seen Mark featured in media throughout Australia & India.

As a health and work-life balance speaker, Mark is a former resource presenter for The Executive Connection – an International Group of CEO’s, and Duke Corporate Education (USA) – a global training company. He presents to up to 20,000 people a year in multiple countries around the world and is now considered a ‘first-choice’ speaker in the areas of health & wellbeing, personal performance, work-life balance and motivation.

Program Investment:

Individuals: The program is just $97 ... for life if you choose.

One of the great features of the program is that you can keep receiving them for as long as you want them - 1 year, 2 years, 5 years ... without ever paying anything more.
If you ever no longer wish to receive them, you can just cancel your subscription anytime.

Purchase Here.

Companies/Business Groups: Significant discounts apply for any groups who also book a conference or in-house talk/program with Mark.
* For other groups, the fees are;

0 - 10 people = $250
11 - 20 people = $500
21 - 50 people = $1000
51 - 100 people = $1250
100+ people = $1800
500+ people = $2400
1000+ people = $3000

Full Money Back Offer:

As with all our products, we only want to sell products that are deemed highly valuable by our clients. Thus, we happily provide a 100% money back guarantee.

If at any time or for whatever reason, you do not feel the program is to your total satisfaction, just let us know and we will happily refund your payment in full.

More Info & 'How to Subscribe':

Individuals can Purchase the Program Here.

For Groups or Companies wanting more information or to subscribe your group, simply call us on 1300 55 80 32 or email us here and supply the number of people you would like subscribed.

Yours in Great Health, Productivity & Life Balance - Health Advantage Australia.