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I learnt Transcendental Meditation or TM when I was 19 back in my first year of senior AFL football. While at the time, I did it because I needed all the help I could get as a footballer, it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done. Have done it pretty well everyday since and I still regard it as the best thing I’ve done in my life (right up there with choosing my parents!).

In 2015, after many years of enjoying incredible personal benefits and seeing fabulous results in many friends and colleagues, I did my 5 month course to become a TM teacher also. Below are some helpful links in case you’re interested in more information yourself. Whatever you do, don’t be turned off by the cost of the course. It repays itself in the first 6-9 months and after that you have the world’s most powerful technique for reducing stress and developing the brain and consciousness for the rest of your life (putting more money and happiness back in your pocket each and every year).

Who Does it & Why?

What it Does & How it Works?
(watch the video by Bob Roth 1/2 way down page)
* This is also the Introductory Talk Video which comprises the 1st step in learning.

If you’d like some recommendations of good teachers in your city/area, just send me (Mark) an email and I will be happy to do so.

Further Contacts / More info

TM for Business – Email us for a Brochure specifically for corporate groups and business people.

National Website for TM in Australia

Locations/Contact Details for Centres World-Wide (select ‘Choose Country’ at top)

Email Me (Mark) if you would like some personal recommendations of good teachers in your area (be sure to include your city/location)

The Benefits

Improves Circulation, Energy & Vitality
Strengthens all Major Muscle Groups
Increases Flexibility and Muscular Endurance
Beautifully integrates Body, Mind and Breath
Excellent for Joint Health
Promotes better Balance, Co-ordination and Posture
Great for All-round Body-Toning
Powerful Internal purification (i.e. elimination of toxins/impurities)

Tips & Guidelines

Important note: If you are pregnant, menstruating or have any structural injury/weakness it is recommended that you consult a doctor or qualified yoga teacher before doing Sun Salutes.

The Sun Salute Postures are best done at least 15 minutes prior to or 1 hour after meals.

Please see the diagram for correct illustrations of each posture/full cycle.

Go slowly (let your natural breath rate control pace)
Breath deeply but naturally – nasal breathing best
Let your awareness go to the muscles being stretched
Move into every posture slowly, taking the stretch to its comfortable limit
If you are distracted, try performing the routine with your eyes closed
Rest after each cycle if required

Key Points to Remember

1. Let your knees be supple or slightly bent in postures 3 and 10.

2. During the first cycle of the set, move your left leg back in posture 4 and move your right leg forward in posture 9. During the second cycle of the set, move your right leg back in posture 4 and move your left leg forward in posture 9.

3. In posture 7 focus on using the muscles of your back to pull yourself off the ground as opposed to using your arm strength.

4. Posture 6 is held momentarily as your breath is temporarily suspended until you move into the Inhalation to begin posture 7.

5. Move into each posture in a slow, controlled manner to the point of maximal comfortable stretch.

6. Inhale and exhale maximally, completely filling and emptying your lungs with each breath. Finish each posture as you finish each breathe.

7. Try to breathe through your nose only.

8. If exercising, the Sun Salute Routine is recommended only after exercising. The reason for this is that it has been shown to be a very powerful technique for releasing stress and purifying the body and if used before activity can give rise to a feeling of roughness or discomfort during activity.

9. Don’t rush. Enjoy the experience of combining slow deep comfortable breathing with
activity, and let your breathing dictate the pace of moving from one posture to the next.

10. After completing your last cycle, lie down on your back, with your arms at your sides –
palms facing up – eyes closed – for 1- 2 minutes.

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