Mark believes that many of the problems plaguing individuals and businesses today are symptomatic of our over focus on ‘outward activity’. In contrast to the western drive to ‘do’ more and more, the Eastern understanding has always been ….

to improve outer success … focus within

As a 25 year practitioner (and now a trained teacher) of Transcendental Meditation (TM), a major focus of Mark’s recommendations for better health, business performance and overall quality of life (spiritual growth) is for people to close their eyes and go within.

In fact, Mark believes (and the latest neuroscience is clearly showing) that ‘transcendence-based’ techniques such as TM, can not only help develop our full inner potential but represent the next revolution in human performance. As the diagram below and his new keynote seminar called ‘Transcendence’ detail, techniques for developing the body, mind or emotions individually are limited and will soon be obsolete.

consciousness the next revolution19

Mark believes the next decade will see the emergence of ‘technologies of consciousness’ – consciousness being the fundamental level of life itself and the basis of all mental, physical and emotional performance.

“Transcendence – the ability to systematically take our mind beyond its incessant chatter, and constant excitation, to the source of all thought, creativity and energy itself – will become the next buzzword and central focus of personal and business growth”

 We are at the limits of what physical technologies alone can give us. We need to start ‘going within’. Like the great teachers of time gone by, we need to develop ‘consciousness’ first and foremost. When we do, not only will stress, anxiety and burnout be eliminated, our birth right of exceptional health, happiness and higher awareness will prevail.

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