Journey to Higher Health and Higher Consciousness

"Mark, I am emailing you from Florida USA to say how much I LOVE your podcasts.  I listen to many and yours is one of my top five favorites.

You are delightful, so engaging and have great topics. I never miss an episode."

Laura Eiman - Miami, USA - Gold medal Olympic weightlifter.

An enlightening insight into the timeless (forgotten) wisdoms of health, happiness and higher consciousness. 

Hi Mark here. A little about my podcast. It’s based on Ayurveda/Ayurvedic Medicine (Maharishi Ayurveda) and the time-tested Eastern, traditional and indigenous medicines ... and the latest Western health-science. We also look at the world’s longest-living cultures that have really proven the principles of healthy living.

It also focuses on the ‘higher levels’ of health and wellness, the new spirituality and consciousness coming to the planet and the Vedic wisdom of ‘higher states of human consciousness’ and how we can access and live them.

Many episodes are based on my book ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health – The Essential Wisdoms’ and my next instalment (Book Two – The Higher Wisdoms).

Common topics include an Ayurvedic or ancient wisdom view of  popular health recommendations today e.g. Tim Ferriss Slow-Carb Diet, Wim Hof Ice baths, high intensity interval training - HIIT, intermittent fasting. Also includes timeless Ayurvedic knowledge of Dharma (our Higher Purpose), Body-Types and Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha,), Daily and Seasonal Routines, Yoga, Meditation, Forest Bathing, Earthing, Sun Gazing, Eastern,Traditional and Indigenous medicine, Spirituality and the Collective Consciousness.

The podcast will also have special guests over time, including leaders around the world in different areas of health and performance.

Contact me if you would like to suggest an episode or you want more information on a particular topic, particularly from the perspective of Ayurveda or ancient wisdom. Jump on my social media or email me direct, which you can all find on the site here.

Of course, if you like the sound of the podcast feel free to subscribe and let alny of your friends, family and colleagues know about it if they're into natural health and higher consciousness. I’ll be delighted to have you and them as a part of the tribe.

Wishing you great health and wellbeing from here. Cheers. Mark.