Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Rediscover the simple, timeless secrets of the world’s healthiest people ever.

Based on Mark’s best-selling book.

Unfortunately, the true wisdoms of health and happiness have long been forgotten. In this life-changing session, Mark shows participants how the real keys to health and vitality lie far beyond modern fads of counting calories, measuring heart rates, or using sleep apps.

Covering the eternal ‘laws of life’ and the timeless wisdoms of the East, everyone will leave inspired by how much simpler healthy living can be - and how to immediately start towards a healthier, happier life.

Key Take-aways:

  • Lose weight, sleep better & stay youthful by aligning with the body’s natural cycles
  • Simplify diet, enjoy enlightened exercise and nourish the emotions (enjoy inner bliss!)
  • Learn the healing power of Nature’s gifts – earth (earthing), fire (sun), water & air
  • Know how to easily integrate age-old Eastern wisdoms into a busy modern life