Ayurveda Alive

Discover the missing link in health today – your unique body-type - and use the world’s oldest health system to master every aspect of your life.

This is the personal health revolution we’ve been waiting for. The reason why the thousands of fad diets don’t work. The reason why what worked for your co-worker, mother and friends didn’t work for you. It’s why different people on the same exercise program get different results. Why coffee energises some but creates sleepless nights or panic attacks for others.

Ayurveda Alive is a fascinating new seminar uncovering the age-old wisdom of personalised health and body typing. It’s transforming modern health as it teaches us how our unique ‘mind-body’ make-up drastically affects our individual needs for health, balance and work-life success.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ayurvedic doshas and how we can eliminate ‘multiple’ health conditions at once
  • The foods, exercises and behaviours that get us out of balance … and the simple, everyday things we can do to get back in balance … and feel fabulous
  • How we can prevent health problems before they begin and quickly enjoy new levels of energy, better relationships and positivity
  • How the world’s oldest science can improve workplace communication, motivation and morale