Conscious Leaders

Where wellbeing KPIs are as important as business KPIs

Like to improve your team's physical fitness, mental health, emotional resilience, or conscious awareness?

In recent years, CEOs and top executives from companies such as Accenture, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Apple, JP Morgan and GE have stepped down or exited their roles due to health-related issues – stress, burnout, unexpected early death and even suicide.The key question is, how do we ensure our teams cohesively stick together and …

FACT: ‘Work hard, play hard’ is gone. Today, the single most common attribute of high performing business people – the likes of Richard Branson, Janine Allis, Anthony Robbins, Arianna Huffington & numerous others – is that they make their health & wellbeing No.1..

Leaders Wellbeing Solution:

Conscious Leaders is a paradigm shifting keynote or workshop perfect for any off-site leaders retreat or business event. Combining the latest science with ancient wisdom, it shows leaders how to better look after their most precious resource – THEMSELVES – while scaling their business output.


  • what the world’s top performers do to maximise energy, exercise, sleep & motivation
  • how to supercharge productivity through circadian medicine/chronobiology (syncing with natural performance cycles)
  • why meditation (‘Transcendence’) is now a non-negotiable for elite level performance
  • how to stress by up to 50+% & improve ‘life balance’ by 40+% (how to switch off)
  • how to productivity by 31% with positive psychology, gratitude & journaling
  • how to champion wellbeing & self-care for your entire team or company
  • how to do it all within ever-increasing work demands