Conscious Living Mind-Body Workshop

de-stress • re-charge • de-frag • re-focus

This stand-alone workshop (or perfect complement to a keynote) is the perfect way to...

  • energise a conference or rejuvenate your workplace health
  • have your team learn how to thrive amidst ever-growing work demands
  • improve resilience, mindfulness, all-round health & stress-free work success

Combining yoga, meditation and Mark’s two decades of research in both modern, western and ancient, eastern science, this fun, interactive session, teaches a number of simple, user-friendly practices for minimising stress & maximising calm (getting and staying ‘more zen’) – while maintaining high-level business performance.


  • Meditation & mindfulness – the latest ‘mental technologies’ of performance, how to go ‘beyond’ mindfulness and the latest research and tool for total brain development
  • Age-old breathing techniques to dissolve stress & supercharge exercise performance
  • Yoga (for anyone) – an easy, portable yoga stretching sequence requiring no change of clothes – can be done anywhere, anytime. Improves all-round strength, muscle tone and joint health and is suitable for home and office. Specific stretches for poor posture and office ergonomics also possible
  • Sleep secrets – a whole ancient wisdom segment on sleeping well ... almost every night!
  • No stress work success – simple (forgotten) keys to preventing stress in the first place

Hands-on exercises and practices taught during the session.
No special clothing required – loose fitting casual or work-clothes is fine.
Can be run as a stand-alone workshop or part of a longer conference or training session.