The elite-performance wellbeing tactics reshaping business success.

In both sport and business, elite performers have a similar formula for success.

Yet from Tiger Woods and Serena Williams to Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, the tools and tactics for winning the game of business (and life) are constantly changing.

Are you and your team playing your best game? Are you using the latest science in personal performance? Would you like to play faster, smarter, happier and healthier?

IDEAL FOR; Business leaders, C-suite executives, Senior managers, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, High-performers and leaders of any kind.


  • Why personal health KPI’s are the new benchmark for leadership success
  • The 2 minute psychology practice shown to…increase productivity (31%) & sales (37%) boost resilience and drastically reduce burnout & mental health issues
  • How to improve brain functioning and reduce anxiety by over 50% through ‘Technologies of Transcendence’
  • How (and how not) to use the latest performance tools such as intermittent fasting, circadian medicine & HIT – high intensity training
  • What the world’s highest performers do differently to the rest

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