Winning tomorrow's business through total brain development and mind-body performance

Journey into the future of health and high-performance to discover how developing your MINDSPACE will ensure you’re winning in tomorrow’s business world. What we do now to develop our optimal state of personal wellbeing and business productivity, will determine our success in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive workspace.

Focusing on the latest in neuroscience, mind-brain development techniques and loaded with actionable insights, delegates will leave with a step-by-step blueprint to maximising their health, happiness and high-performance while experiencing a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.


  • the 3 revolutions now changing the face of health and work performance
  • how to go beyond ‘mindfulness’ to global brain development & max EEG coherence
  • functional brain holes and how mind-mapping will shape worker hiring & firing
  • the ‘happiness advantage’ & how to increase productivity, sales & resilience by 30+%
  • how sunlight, earthing & gut health can significantly improve sleep and mental health
  • how re-orientating offices/work desks can profoundly boost focus & productivity
  • how to keep pace with digital advancement without sabotaging personal health/balance
  • why ‘In-house’ happiness coaches, worker detox programs, digital detoxing and helping workers find their true, higher purpose is today’s future.