Ancient wisdom for modern mental health

In many cultures around the world, modern mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and insomnia are almost unheard of. What do they know that we have forgotten?

In this refreshingly simple yet profound session, Mark uses modern science to back up the age-old, ancient wisdoms of health as lived by the world’s happiest and longest-living people.

Focusing on the latest in neuroscience, mind-body development and actionable insights, delegates leave with simple, everyday practices to immediately improve their mental health, become more resilient and significantly boost their work performance.


  • the 3 revolutions changing the face of mental health
  • how to go beyond mindfulness and develop integrated brain function & higher awareness
  • how to use morning sunlight, earthing and nature immersion to reduce sleep problems, anxiety and depression
  • how anyone can increase productivity, sales & resilience by 30+% through the ‘happiness advantage’
  • how to control social media rather than have it control you
  • why connection/community, social ties and having a bigger purpose are by far the most critical factors for mental health… and how to get them