Self care 101

Recovery, Reconnection, Reinvention

Is your team struggling with covid fatigue, hybrid work burnout, feelings of disconnection or simply wanting to get back their pre-pandemic passion and positivity?

Would you like to help them re-ignite their mojo?

In this powerful keynote, Mark explains why Self-care is now the single-most important skill for sustainable highperformance, as well as the 3 critical areas for recharging our mental health, wellbeing, motivation and morale

Recovery: Why it’s more important than ‘resilience’ … and the science and art of ‘micro-recovery’

Reconnection: Why connection is everything and how to improve personal and team relationships in a hectic, hybrid-working world.

Reinvention: How to turn change and challenge into opportunity and growth


  • How to ↓ burnout & stress by 40+ %
  • How to ↑ productivity by 30+ %
  • How to ↑ creativity & improve problem-solving by 50%
  • Why ‘transcendence’ is more important than mindfulness … and how to experience it
  • Simple, everyday tools and tricks for better looking after ourselves!
  • Timeless, proven wisdoms of health, happiness & high-performance

* All sessions include complimentary (digital) copies of Mark’s best-selling book ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

‘fantastic ...… extremely insightful and engaging ... very funny … loads of practical strategies …so simple and easy to understand … my favourite (speaker of the conference)’

Ray White Principals & PM’s Conference - April 2022