From mindfulness to 'transcendence' ...Why consciousness is the ultimate game-change and the next BIG thing!

We’re always looking for the next big thing to improve human performance. We’ve had positive thinking, emotional IQ, ​mindfulness…

What’s next? The Consciousness Revolution.

Western science is just now glimpsing the almost infinite potential of human 'consciousness', a field that Eastern traditions have understood for thousands of years. The research is clear - develop consciousness and you promote global brain functioning resulting in remarkable improvements in everything from IQ, relationships, decision-making, focus, creativity, zone-states, mental health and everyday performance.

Mark’s cutting-edge talk outlines the latest developments in neuroscience and how by utilising ancient technologies of the mind we can transform our business and life success.

Key Take-aways:

  • How simple technologies of transcendence can create higher states of consciousness and self-awareness
  • How this translates to unparalleled improvements in personal health, inner contentment, stress resilience and business productivity
  • How consciousness is what ultimately connects us as families, companies, societies and how it can be developed to promote a heightened sense of team, harmony & community