Ancient Wisdom

Great fun doing a Podcast with my great mate and fellow Natural health brother Luke McLean for his 'Conscious Conversations'.
We discussed everything from my transition from AFL football to combining Western and Eastern Science, Earthing, practical health wisdom for busy people, Transcendental Meditation (TM) even my David Lynch Foundation work and lots of other great stuff.
Luke has a fabulous style and such a pure heart. Loved it and hope you enjoy. 
Podcast here 

Hi everyone

Welcome to the New Year. Hope it’s going to be an extremely exciting and healthy one for you.

I have just recently been in touch with one of the most inspirational and dynamic people I’ve ever come across in the field of natural wisdom. Her name is Mia Dalby-Ball.

Mia writes, promotes and inspires people all throughout the world about the ancient wisdoms of living in tune with Mother Earth and Mother Nature as a whole. As such, it gives me great pleasure to mention her websites and blog pages here for your benefit.

Note; The bottom two links are in the process of being updated but the first link has some fantastic knowledge links. (I suggest going to the right hand side of the page & under