I went to school in the 60’s and 70’s, I went to an all girls school with 600 students. For tuck shop we had meat pies, vanilla slices, chocolate & eclairs and on the way home from school we’d stop at the local fish and chip shop and order 20 cents worth of chips and smother them in salt and vinegar. There was one fat girl in the whole school. I remember her name and her face because she was an oddity.

I don’t remember anyone with diabetes, one girl in the school got a brain tumour and there was no one that had a peanut or nut allergy. Not one of my friends had a sibling or cousin, for that matter with Autism, Asperges or ADD. Everyone drank 250ml. of milk everyday at morning tea and there wasn’t a wheat or dairy allergy to hear about.

My Mum was the best cook in town I had three good meals a day with snacks and always dessert. My lunch when I didn’t have tuck shop, was a sandwich, homemade cake or biscuit and piece of fruit. I got through my child hood and teenage years without an antibiotic, pain killer or Bonjello, despite getting all my teeth and breaking four bones.

Wow! Did that really happen; just 30 years ago life seemed very different to what it is now. What happened?