Herbal High

On Jan 21, 2013 Wayne wrote:

Hi Mark,

Your book, “Ancient Wisdom…” makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

Over the last couple of years, my lifelong fascination with the human brain and what I like to call our “spiritual wiring” has intensified, along with my curiosity about things like DMT, and how our mind and body is obviously “wired” for such transcendant experiences.

But, I digress..

My question is about legal high “spice blends” or, essentially, JWH-018. This stuff is apparently herbal, yet available in a tobacconist. Pretty much all I can find is people freaking out about how dangerous this stuff is rather than any actual factual information.

Wikipedia sits well and truly on the fence on the matter, and in my view I cant trust information from a government that allows me to buy sticks of chemical-laced tobacco while taxing the product heavily. AND treating me to heinous images of disease and death as a result of the product they are allowing me to buy! Whilst taxing it heavily!

Again I digress..

I am by no means an altar boy, nor do I have a 100% natural only policy for my body, ie I am human and I have a few vices. What I do know is that our “nanny state”? government (pleeease) does NOT always have our best interests at heart. Do you remember being asked if you want flouride in your water? In short I’m clued up enough to know that LEGAL does NOT mean safe…

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


ps Im sure I come across as a whack job, but I am sane. Somewhat!

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