I’ve received so much positive feedback from our team (Managing Partner)

Our leaders were extremely appreciative.

Very polished and engaging presentation .. and so topical (Mental health).

Great feedback received.  

"Your talk has come up in conversation so many times in the last week. What I really appreciated about your session was that your advice was realistic."

Mark Bunn presented with passion and purpose, engaging the audience with his modern day insights based on his Ancient ways studies. The audience were impressed by how his pragmatic ideas could improve our daily lives, entertainingly delivered with loads of energy.”

“Mark was a terrific speaker and was able to adapt his presentation to our clients needs with ease. Informative and entertaining, we will definitely look to use Mark for future events”.

“We had a great experience working with Mark. He brought practical information to our members on efficiency, work-life balance, and meditation etc, which was interesting and mind-changing … a great speaker for workshops/trainings.”

“It’s over 3 months since I attended Mark’s seminar and I still remember how much fun it was & all the fantastic tips… Best of all, I am still putting them into practice. I highly recommend

I cannot recommend Mark as a speaker highly enough.His presentation, centred around work-life balance and creating a happier, healthier you, completely resonated across the 220 pax audience."

‘Brilliant’, ‘awesome presenter’, ‘changed my life’, ‘… best-rated session so far!