Natural Salt

An interesting article just came out in the Good Weekend magazine of the Age newspaper written by Mark Whittaker. Basically it outlines how there some new research and scientific studies showing that having low salt intakes are far worse than high intakes, even when it comes to things like heart disease, stroke and diabetes (things we’re commonly told to reduce salt intake to try and minimise the risks of).

Along with many other natural health practitioners, for years I’ve been saying that salt, when in its natural, unprocessed form is actually critical for optimal health and that many people actually need to be consuming more ‘good’ salt. See my blog on ‘healthy salt’ at and which I discussed in details in my book – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Many modern experts disregard this new research as inaccurate (and I’m not saying it’s accurate either). To me, as is often the case, the key factor has been completely overlooked. The first consideration in the salt debate is not whether one’s intake is low or high, but whether we’re consuming ‘real’ salt or the crappy, health-damaging, commercial salt that all the studies assess.

Interestingly, what Whittaker’s article also makes clear, is how powerful the vested interests are in the medical and scientific community. Even the researchers who themselves do studies that find that those on low salt diets have worse health do not always speak out about their findings for fear of ‘going against the norm’.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this topic, I’ve pasted in the full article after the break.