Are you contributing some of your hard earned dollars to the billion-dollar cosmetics industry trying to keep your skin healthy and younger looking but are overlooking one or more of the real keys to healthy, youthful skin? Now I am all for using (chemically free) external skin products where needed, but realise there are at least 5 far more important things (that will hardly cost you a cent) you should be focusing on before you worry about cosmetics.

On Jan 2 2013, I received the following email from one of my newsletter subscribers, Christina wrote:

Hi Mark.

Just wondering…. What’s your opinion on Melanotan 2??

My reply appears below but firstly here is a little bit of information of what Melanotan II is (from Wikipedia):

You may not realise but most commercial sunscreens are toxic. Seriously. If you think that because they have been sold in chemists and the like for decades they are safe, you are horribly wrong. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body and most sunscreens are full of toxic chemicals.

If you are arenít aware of all this, check out a recent article by Dr. Peter Dingle he is not some faceless internet site scaremonger, he is the Associate Professor in Health and the Environment at Murdoch University, Western Australia

If you just want the basics,

  1. avoid using sunscreens as much as possible
  2. when you do have to use them, go for ones made of natural ingredients. E.g. ones that are;
    1. organic (this ensures most toxic ingredients will not be present)
    2. labelled free of synthetic chemicals (don’t go for ones labeled natural necessarily as this can be part of the name not a reputable claim
    3. labelled that ALL ingredients are listed (otherwise they often leave off the harmful ones)
    4. have ingredients that resemble food ingredients (e.g. plant-based oil, green tea, vitamin E)

The one I use if ever needed is called Soleo and Wotnot. Good for young kids also. We order ours in Australia from No Nasties (look under Body category)