This week, we have some interesting information on the highly topical area of soy products. 

If you have been hearing the latest reports on soy foods you may well be confused. Some experts tout soy as being one of the greatest foods of our time, while others believe it can be responsible for such seemingly far out things such as the feminisation of boys and for increasing the risk of breast cancer. Another study out just a week or so ago suggested that high consumption of soy products may indeed compromise our health due to the high levels of phyto-oestrogens. And just this week, the media have been reporting that importers of soy milk brand Bonsoy are facing a class action from customers because say they were left with permanent thyroid problems from an iodine content seven times the recommended level. (This is a classic example of what can happen when we consume ‘artificially maniplulated’ products … even though the ‘original’ product may be natural).

Anyway, who or what do we believe?