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“Mark, thanks for your terrific insights. I wanted to let you know that your talk was the door opening for me in terms of improving my health & wellbeing, and I have certainly walked through it. Thanks so much.”

Aidan Keough – Head of Service and Innovation – St George Bank

“Thanks for a great P.D, easily one of the best I have been to in my 6 years of teaching."

Troy Wegener - St Philips College
The feedback was overwhelmingly affirming, both in terms of the substance and the engaging manner of your delivery. I was delighted that you lived up to your promise to show us how, "we can enjoy our 'Natural High' state of healthy, high-performance without needing to be tee-totaling, tofu-eating, tabouli lovers".
Lynn Martin Principal Xavier College 2019

"Stimulating, pithy, relevant, engaging and very useful."

Mr David Gee – Headmaster - Wesley College – WA

"Mark's presentation was succinct, humourous and informative. Staff wellbeing is so important and here is a person who can motivate and enthuse staff to follow through."

Cathy Clark – Principal, Katoomba North Primary School
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Bloody fantastic. Love it”, “Awesome Speaker”, ”This is the start of a new life where me and my family can live a happier life”, “Extremely enlightening, very entertaining”, “Exceptional”, “Finally a no BS approach

Various Participants – KMart Australia


Monty Lavis - Barker College

Mark is an ‘old collegian’ who in just a few hours was able to both educate and challenge the way we think about our wellness. Mark’s inimitable understanding of both Eastern and Western health, interwoven with the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people enables him to champion practical, down-to-earth solutions that challenged and motivated our staff. 

The knowledgeable but entertaining manner in which Mark engages with positive psychology and mind-body medicine is thought-provoking and inspirational.

Greg Stewart: Principal - Whitefriars College 2019

"Your influence will linger in the most positive ways for years to come."

Patrick Wallas – Headmaster - All Saints Anglican School Qld

Mark - thanks for a fabulous presentation - your simple, practical and effective measures to improve wellbeing are gold!

Penny Curran-Peters - Vice Principal Hunter Valley Grammar - 2018

Our staff wanted to hear more about mindfulness, stress management and sleep.

Mark shared powerful yet simplified messages that were backed by science and research, along with personal story telling and the room was filled with positive energy.

Mark has the ability to inspire and help individuals make the connection between ancient wisdom and modern health (as his book suggests!).

Mark's session suited our workforce perfectly and staff left with some simple strategies that will make a real difference to their wellbeing and can be applied immediately, and they were motivated to do so!

Thank you.

Olivia Creighton - Health, Safety and Wellbeing Project Officer - Boorondara Council 2019

Mark’s presentation energised and inspired our staff. With warmth and good humour,

he provided practical advice that will become habits for many of us.

The conversations we are having now are about taking off our shoes, finding time to

mediate and practising gratitude. These are timely conversations for our staff

whose deep focus on helping others can come at the expense of their own wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Mark to any organisation – he has a message for everyone.


Jenny Knox - CBC Fremantle - Aug 2018

You have left a mark on our network that will last a life time!

Captivating, life changing, inspiring and profound were just some of the superlatives coming out of the room after Mark’s session.

He truly resonated with our busy and stressed travel agents, many of which have already taken on Mark’s recommendations to 

improve their health and happiness which ultimately leads to greater success.

Highly recommended! 

Steve Labroski - Managing Director - iTravel 2019

Mark Bunn can hold a whole room of chatty, hard to please teachers in the palm of his hand.

Sandra Langford - Principal, Manning Valley Anglican College

“ ... highly entertaining, informative and had many staff talking about the content for days afterwards

Ian Driver - QLD Dept of Education

“I must say that this morning I was cursing whoever planned a 3 hour PD on the FIRST day back, but it was JUST WONDERFUL and FLEW by!!! 

Teacher from All Saints Anglican School

The best staff development day ever!!

Irene Regal & Rita Paolini – Matthew Pearce Public School Baulkham Hills NSW

Mark's presentation was engaging, informative and in fact, set a benchmark for our staff P.D, with many experienced staff claiming it was the ideal way to begin the new school year.

Terry Muldoon - Principal, St Columba Anglican School

Mark. It was awesome to have you speak to our schools. Yesterday I started my day cuddling my dog, sending 2 positive SMS's to people struggling at the moment, watched the sun come up over the trees and thanked the universe for my fortunate life.

Straight after your talk I went to the staffroom and people were 'buzzing' in conversation about the things they were going to do in such as positive way. You have truly changed the mindset for many people today. Thank you again Mark.

Karen Austin - Deputy Principal

"Best seminar I have ever attended - thank you soooooooo much"

Tina La Palambara - St Philips College WA