Mark was the guest speaker at our 2018 Weengallon Pink Ladies Day which attracts 600 women to the bush.
Mark was a brilliant speaker and created such a buzz amongst the ladies with his funny and engaging discussion on how we can live a healthier and happier life. The feedback has been extremely positive and it’s all anyone is talking about down the main street of our local town.

Sally Rigney - Pink Ladies Day Breast Cancer Fundraiser - Country QLD 2018
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“…energetic, engaging and insightful.”

Amelia Jacka, P&C Business Partner – National Australia Bank

‘One of the best Men's Health presentations I have ever attended!’

Paul Klisaris - Mayor of Monash Council - 2018
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"I went to the AAMT conference on Saturday morning and I tell you, I am still quoting you. Fantastic key note, huge impact.”

Peter Harris – Lifestyle Trainers

Fabulous session

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“Thought it was amazing”, “….this seminar has blown my mind”, “Absolutely fantastic presentation – entertaining, knowledgeable and immediately actionable and valuable”

Various participants – National Australia Bank Talks
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Mark Bunn presented with passion and purpose, engaging the audience with his modern day insights based on his Ancient ways studies. The audience were impressed by how his pragmatic ideas could improve our daily lives, entertainingly delivered with loads of energy.”

Denis Brown – Australian Institute of Management
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"He engages wonderfully with his audience and includes just the right amount of audience participation."

Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet
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"Mark is an excellent presenter who brings a very practical lens to a critical topic for managers – their staff’s health.Interesting, informative and challenging."

Richard Jamieson – BT Financial Group
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"Mark created a great atmosphere during and after his talk. As a hirer we were given great value for money. I would highly recommend Mark for his views on Work and Life balance.”

Bett Jackson – Lumley Insurance
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Excellent presentation. Well received by all in attendance and generated a fair bit of discussion after you left!"

Ray Northcote – NSW Police – Brisbane Water Manager
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“That bloody Mark Bunn, I took his book home and my wife has read it. I’m up at 6 in the morning walking and staring into the sun and having nothing for dinner! It’s like an Army Camp”

Megan Clark – Compensation Authorities Staff Division (CASD)
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“Mark provided a very informative, concise and quality presentation with invaluable health tips that I have already started to adopt having heard Mark’s presentation 3 days ago. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking to improve their health, well being and lifestyle”

Mark Rose – Colonial First State
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“Mark’s session on ‘Happy People Healthy Business’ was sensational! Mark is an outstanding speaker. He was knowledgeable and humorous and had the whole crowd engaged in the session & our staff are asking for more. We hope to have him back soon.

Simone Hoy – 
Learning Programs Delivery Officer, People Culture Group – Compensation Authorities Staff Division (CASD)
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"Excellent. Personable and delightful to work with. Very helpful and a wonderful speaker."

Amy Geach – 
Maida Learning Health Practitioners Conference
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Mark has enormous energy and enthusiasm and really inspired the Westpac HSW team at our recent Off Site. In keeping his recommendations simple and easy to follow many of our team have already started to make changes to enhance and improve their health and well-being.”

Grace Westdorp – 
Group Manager Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Westpac
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"Mark’s talks were very well received by both groups, finding him funny and enjoyable, whilst still being able to convey a serious message."

Geraldine Bell – 
Exec Asst / Mktg Co-ordinator – WEG Australia Marketing Team
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"…everyone is still raving about it!"

Kristy Harder – Strategic Brand Manager – DuPont
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We have a broad mix in our franchise organisation from the young and ideallic who soak up new information like a sponge, right through to the older, hardened, seen-it-all-heard-it-all cynics. Without question, I can say that delegates from both ends of that spectrum and everywhere in between loved Mark’s presentation and philosophy and believe it has given them plenty to take away and will add value to their business.In one sentence; entertaining, thought-provoking, perhaps even life-changing and surprisingly logical. I can’t wait to apply the learnings to both the business and my personal life. Thanks so much Mark.

Paul Liccione – National Franchise Manager – Resi Home Loans
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What an impact you have made on team FMG! Absolutely brilliant, thank you.

Michelle Baré – Sponsorship and Events Manager – FMG Insurance New Zealand