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“Thank you so much for your sessions yesterday. Everyone had a great day and I haven’t heard one comment that hasn’t been through the roof with positive thoughts when talking about your presentation!”

Elise Fenwick – Business Administration Trainee – People and Culture – LOGAN Council QLD
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“It is not often that a presentation gives really concrete, practical tips that can be put into action immediately. The presentation by Mark Bunn to our staff on healthy, high performance living achieved that.”

Chris Andrews – Executive – Head of Funds Management, La Trobe Financial Services
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"No doubt the best speaker/topic covered since I have been a member"

The CEO Institute – Syndicate #42
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Hi Mark.
Fantastic presentation and the guys certainly enjoyed it from the feedback I received. As we discussed I would certainly be keen to get you back for next years conference to present some of the other topics you cover.
P.S. We all went outside today for some sun without sunnies so your message certainly got through.

Brad Gray – Operations Manager – Haefeli-Lysnar WA
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"In a nutshell he was brilliant. His presentation was fun, informative, serious and social.I would recommend him highly to all associations, businesses and clubs who are looking for an innovative and engaging presenter."

Kathryn Ward – President – Australian Institute of Office Professionals – NT Division
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"That was amazing and will be sure to change my life. For once I have the answer I was looking for in so many questions I have had, Thank you. By the way you look like Carl Barron & you are just as funny, bravo”

Rebecca Clarke – Summit Care
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"Since your talk I have been overwhelmed with attendees raving about how great your session was – even the naysayers in the group were completely turned around. I am truly stunned."

Jaqui Bishop – Administration Assistant – SummitCare | Corporate Office
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"Your presentations were a resounding success! I would not hesitate to recommend you to any organisation or to use you again."

Darrin Yates – Western Region Communities NSW Sport & Recreation
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"Fabulous! Motivational, believable, entertaining, memorable = life changing."

Elizabeth Grow – Australian Association of Massage Therapists
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"AMAZING – so impressed & keen to start a new approach to life. Thank you heaps. Life changing!!"

Carly Allen – Tasmanian Small Business Expo
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"I found his approach to the work, life, health balance so informative, interesting and true to life."

Peter Navin – Sport & Rec Conference
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"Thank you for a fabulous presentation. I was amazed by the information. Thank you. The session amazed and stunned me!"

Mike Hennessy – AAMHP Seminar Participant
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"The end result was that all totally enjoyed the conference and I believe we set the bar a little higher yet."

Pippa Wright – AAMHP
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"Nn initial session for Council that was so well received that pressure was applied from management levels to engage Mark for a second session."

Alison Mortimer – Senior Road Safety Officer – Fairfield City Council
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"Very interesting and enjoyable", "Excellent", "Mark was great", "Terrific", "Motivating – great", "brilliant"

Various attendees – Catholic Education Office – leaders in regional administration conference
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"He managed to get some important messages across in a very funny way."

John Taylor – Sub-Project Manager Plant Biosecurity. Department of Primary Industry
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"Thanks for playing such an integral part of our event. Feedback has been wonderful!"

Peter Rogers – Repco Annual Conference

Mark recently presented to our whole-staff community as part of our Wellbeing Day.

He was a perfect fit - entertaining, informative, enlightening and uplifting.

Mark’s insights into health, happiness and success are simple, very profound and easy to adopt to daily life.

Many of our staff said it was the best PD they have ever had!

I’d highly recommend Mark to any school or workplace community.

Paul Belton (B.Ed MBA) - Principal St Paul’s College - Adelaide 2018
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"Mark’s humour, forthrightness and challenging but inspirational topics captured the attention of the conference and sent the attendees on their way home with a happy, positive, and forward-looking mindset."

Peter Olah – Executive Director – NSW Rural Fire Service Association

"Every single person left saying they had a great time."

Etelka Stone – Office Manager / Community Promotions Coordinator – Cumberland Prospect Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre