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Each week for the 52 weeks of the year, Mark Bunn sends his most relevant and practical health & wellbeing tip for each specific time/week/season of the year.

What Is It All About?

It seems an obvious fact, that what you need to do to enjoy good health & wellbeing, varies at different times of the year (i.e with the seasons). However, if you are like most people, you probably don't really do this, as much as you could.

One of the key reasons you might get sick, get allergies or simply get run down etc, is because you don't change your diet & routines etc with the timeless seasonal cycles...or if you do, you don't do it early enough to 'prevent' the imbalances building up. Then of course it's too late.

In response to so many people saying how great it would be to have a structured online program, where you get a reminder and tip each week based on what the most important thing to do for each specific week of the year, Mark put something together.

‘The Year Round Natural Health and Well-being Program’

The weekly program utilises knowledge from Western science, natural health-care / mind-body medicine, aswell as some introductory tips from the ancient sciemce of Ayurveda (Maharishi Ayurveda™).

It will help you align your diet, health and life balance routines etc, with the universal cycles of nature. This will help you enjoy optimal health & vitality year-round and most importantly ‘prevent’ health problems before they begin.

The things we like about your weekly newsletters are

i) they are very real
ii) the information and practical advise is achievable
iii) they are short and to the point
iv) they are interesting and easily understood
v) they are well set out.

- Nanette Kinsman

Some of the Things You Get:

In winter, you will receive specific tips and reminders about what foods and drinks are best to beat the cold... how to boost your immunity to avoid colds and flu's as well as some home remedies for 'if' you do succumb etc...

In spring, you will get tips on spring cleaning your body, healthy weight loss &avoiding allergies etc.

In summer, you will get reminders on the best heat-reducing foods, tips for healthy summer skincare & eyecare, and tasty summer drink recipes to 'keep you cool'.

At the start of the year you will get guidance and reminders about how to set your years health goals for maximum benefit, and how to put things in place to keep stress at bay throughout the year.

When the Christmas party season comes around, you will get handy tips for enjoying the party season, without ruining your health...or your weight(!!!), healthier alcohol suggestions & of course some all-important liver cleansing and detox ideas.

And in between all that you'll get reminders & tips for keeping the weight under control, enjoying better work-life balance & having more time for No.1 ('that's you').

The tips focus on just one 'key thing to do' each week, so they are practical & manageable. And the key tip is right up front so you can just get the key point/tip super quick if you are busy. Extra notes are also included for those who want additional tips/understanding.

If you want to know more about the program and just want to get it, you can purchase via our online store.

About the Author

Mark is the author of the three time best-selling 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health' - the simple secrets of the world's healthiest people. The first in a 3 book 'Wisdoms of Health' series, 'Ancient Wisdom' is now a three-time best-seller, has been published in 7 countries, and has seen Mark featured in media throughout Australia & India.

As a health and work-life balance speaker, Mark is a former resource presenter for The Executive Connection – an International Group of CEO’s, and Duke Corporate Education (USA) – a global training company. He presents to up to 20,000 people a year in multiple countries around the world and is now considered a ‘first-choice’ speaker in the areas of health & wellbeing, personal performance, work-life balance and motivation.

What Does It Cost?

The standard subscription for individuals is just $97 .. for life if you choose.

* Substantial discounts apply for groups/companies and anyone who has attended one of Mark's seminars. If this applies to you, email us for our discount codes & offers.

One of the great features of the program is that it can be ongoing if you choose. As the tips are specifically designed to be relevant to each week of each and every year, you can keep receiving them for as long as you want them - 1 year, 2 years, 5 years ... without ever paying any more. If you ever no longer wish to receive them, you can just cancel your subscription anytime.

Your weekly tips have opened my mind to an alternative way
of looking at a variety of situations, be they health, welfare or life in general.

- Sue Soley

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Guarantee - Your Money Happily Returned At Anytime:

As with all our products, we happily guarantee them. As we only want to sell products that are deemed highly valuable by you, if at any time or for whatever reason, you do not feel the program is giving you at least 'thrre times' the value of what you paid, just let us know and we will happily refund your years payment in full.

So if your health & wellbeing is important to you, but you need or would like some helpful tips/reminders, we would love to have you on board. Simply visit the store to join the fun.

P.S. A message from Mark.

"Hi there. Just thought I'd let you know that if 'staying healthy' is a priority for you or you are into 'natural health & wellness', but you get too busy to remember everything you 'should' do, I think you will really enjoy this program. It is designed around what people most commonly forget or don't remember to do at different times of the year, so we think it's highly practical and simple. And 'simple' is Mother Nature's No.1 key for success. I hope you enjoy it."


Start on the Road to Better Health Here